Hello Hibiscus enthusiasts!


Since nearly 40 years Iím a Hibiscus enthusiast and while living for a long time in Bahrain I started collecting those beautiful plants. Going back to Germany I took some wood with me and started allover again. Through friends I got cuttings they brought back from their journeys, many  friends from abroad sent during the last years wood of new varieties and I bought plants wherever I found them .

My work as a hybridizer is showing at long last some very good results, several varieties were registered with the International Cultivar Registration Authority, seen here .

Some 200 seedlings are every year under evaluation.                                                               

Many years I was a member of the American and  the Australian Hibiscus Society. Iím a member of the International  Hibiscus Society since 2001 and there Iím a judge and as well trialing station for new varieties from hybridizers worldwide.

As all the literature about hibiscus is written in English, I wrote the first  book together with Mrs. Baum (photos)  in German language back in 2001. As there was a great response to my book, my internet Hibiskusfreunde-list, my classes, newspaper articles, TV appearances I decided to write a much more detailed book about the tropical hibiscus, published by www.formosa-verlag.de  .

There are a lot of Hibiscus enthusiasts all over Europe who like to share their interest, their knowledge, their plants and seeds.

To all of you a big welcome to my website.